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  • Antradienis, 18 vasario 2020 09:59
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BALTIC DREAMS. Photo Contest Rules
Baltic Dreams Photo Contest is a part of the “Baltic Heritage Routes. Development of Heritage Tourism Infrastructure in the South Baltic Area” Project supported by the South Baltic Interreg Programme.
The contest will be run in the following 7 categories:
– in this category we include the pictures which present your personal discoveries you observed or experienced in the Baltic Sea Region. Your discoveries can touch any theme showing excitement, amazement, surprise, fun and the novelty you discovered.
- in this category we include the pictures which present the most spectacular views you observed and recorded in the Baltic Sea Region, they can concern landscape beauties, water and land areas, geological formations and other creatures of nature and humans that make the spectators astonished by their majesty or beauty.
- in this category we include the pictures which present people of the Baltic Sea Region, and especially how they perform their regional related professions, passions, show their team efforts, group achievements, show their emotions and souls.
- in this category we invite submitting pictures showing how past is appreciated by people in the region, how it can enrich our lives; besides that, how important are the old beliefs, religions and spiritualism to people of the South Baltic Region and how all those elements can change our lives for better.
- love is always associated with sunsets or sunrises on the sea, human emotions can be presented by nature beauty and geological formations, we will welcome photos showing nature, people, sea, land formations in romantic situations; we understand that the submissions will respect good manners, because the audience of our contest will not be restricted by age.
-windsurfing, kite surfing, kayaking, boating, sailing, cycling, swimming, walking, hiking, climbing are only the examples how people can actively enjoy their time in the Baltic Sea Region; we will welcome photos showing human passions, efforts, achievements, enjoyment through doing different physical exercises.
- nature, animals, plants and their natural environment of the Baltic Sea Region can be the themes of pictures submitted in this category; the most welcome will be pictures showing animals activities and plant life in the most spectacular shape like blooming season, falling leaves etc. or in different seasons of the year.
The submissions should refer directly or indirectly to the themes of the following routes:
Kayaking South Baltic
Windsurfing Exploration
National Parks Explorer
Believes and Religions of South Baltic
South Baltic Scenic Coastal Route
Griffins Dynasty and Baltic Sea Battles
Wildlife Nature Trails
Fish Route
The thematic reference of the contest categories to the names of the routes is understood as framework idea not literally. E.g. two first routes promote kayaking and windsurfing but you can treat as the theme of your presentation any form of physical sports or tourist activities related to the region.
In the case of doubts, please contact the contest organizers. We will respond ASAP.
The submission is understood a 1 picture in one theme, under the title given by the author and her/ his name (first and last) or nick.
Each person is entitled to maximum 3 submissions in each contest category (under different themes and titles).
Picture can be submitted whether or not they have been published.
Submissions must be original content created by the contestant and must not contain any elements that are protected by someone else’s copyright or otherwise subject to third party intellectual property or proprietary rights, including privacy and publicity rights
Upload images with the original pixel size. Do not scale and do not change the resolution.
Images must be uploaded in JPEG format with high quality compression. We will use winning images for high quality reproduction.
Submissions should not have any visible watermarks, signatures, or personally identifiable information.
All pictures must have accurate captions, written in English only, and contain all the information described in the guidance on captions.
Captions must be accurate and answer the basic questions of good journalism. They must be written in English only.
The caption must:
Describe who is in the photograph and what is going on within the photo.
Name the city (locality), region or state, and country where the picture was made.
Provide the date the photo was made. Who is the author of the photo.
By doing submission the person allows to present the picture on the contest web page and social media channels (used for contest) the to the public until the end of 2025. The longer presentation requires the author’s consent.
The contest is open to professional and non- professional photographers who are over 18 years old
The photographer(s) must be the author(s) of the pictures submitted in his/her/their name.
This is not eligible to take part in the contest by project partners employees, their immediate family members, and people living in their households
It is allowed to the above units, that they will present their photos out of the contest procedure, to ensure the equal rights of photographic expression; such photos should marked Out of Contest and will not be judged by the jury.
An independent jury, comprised by the Contest organizers will evaluate the submissions.
Criteria for judging the photographic presentations include but are not limited to:
relevance to the contest title and category,
creativity in catching the theme, power of expression, mass appeal.
The jury will select up to twenty-five finalists and among them the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize.
The judges, at their sole discretion, will make 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place selections based on judgment criteria.
Decisions are final.
All entrants grant to Contest the irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide right to reproduce, distribute, display, modify, and create derivative works of any photo entered in the contest in any current or future media or on any merchandise.
Entries may be submitted between June 30, 2018 and February 28, 2020.
The results will be announced in May 2020 during the final conference on the Project website and on Facebook site of the Project.
We may terminate or modify any part of the contest at any time for any reason.
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