Saturday 8 August 2020
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Kretingos rajono turizmo informacijos centras

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Vilniaus g. 2B, Kretinga
Tel. +370 445 73 102
Darbo laikas:
I-V 8.00-18.00
(Pietų pertrauka 13.00-13.30)
VI-VII 9.00-15.00
(Pietų pertrauka 12.00-12.30)
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Monument of Lithuania 10th Independence anniversary was built in 1928 by Salantai Rifles squad. Monument was destroyed around 1950.Monument solemny unveiled on 16th of February in 1989. Monument was restored by stone sculptor Kazimieras Orvydas. Address: Dariaus ir Girėno str., SalantaiCoordinates: 56.058614, 21.567749
Monument in memory of Lithuanian nation suffering (1941-1952) was built in 1989 by stone sculptor Vilius Orvydas. Address: Dariaus ir Girėno str. 7, SalantaiCoordinates: 56.058724, 21.570167
Monument was unveled in 1930 - Vytautas the Great 500th death anniversary commemoration.In Soviet period (1962) monument was destroyed and used for piggery foundations. Monument was restored in 1989. Project author - architect Edmundas Giedrimas. Address: Turgaus sq., DarbėnaiCoordinates: 56.022068, 21.254217

Darbėnai monument in memory of "Kardas" partisans

  • Wednesday, 22 February 2017 10:10
  • Written by
Monument is dedicated to killed "Kardas" partisans in 1945-1965. Monument ws built in 2005. Sculptor - Gintautas Jonkus. Address: Palangos str., DarbėnaiCoordinates: 56.021433, 21.253167

Sculpture in memony of Antanas Montis

  • Wednesday, 22 February 2017 10:10
  • Written by
Near the road to Plokščiai village is sculptor's Antanas Montis homestead place. This place is represented with sculpture composition built in 1991. Address: MančiaiCoordinates: 56.101206, 21.358891

Monument of president Aleksandras Stulginskis

  • Wednesday, 22 February 2017 10:10
  • Written by
Monument was solemny unveiled on 29th of August in 1991.More than 3 metres height pink granite stone was found in Šašaičiai village. Stone is incorporated with bronze bas-relief portrait of president Aleksandras Stulginskis.Sculptor - Motiejus Narbutas, architect - Admundas Giedrimas. Address: Kretingos str., JokūbavasCoordinates: 55.830419, 21.342865

Baubliai monument in memory of occupation suffering

  • Wednesday, 22 February 2017 10:10
  • Written by
Monument in memory of occupation suffering (1940-1990) was built in 2010 by Baubliai village community center initiative. Stone was donated by Juozas Keblys, ornamented cross was forged by Julius Macius. Address: Minijos str./Pitreikių str., BaubliaiCoordinates: 55.832663, 21.403415

Monument of Petras Perkumas

  • Wednesday, 22 March 2017 10:08
  • Written by
Petras Perkumas (1916-1937) was a monk-salesian. He was fascinated by salesians life and moved to Italy in 1932. He was a member of salesian society.Commemorating the 80th birth and 60th death anniversary of Petras Perkumas a monument was unveiled near Darbėnai church in 1997. Address: Turgaus sq., DarbėnaiCoordinates: 56.022003, 21.253984

Monument of Rimantas Daugintis

  • Tuesday, 28 March 2017 16:10
  • Written by
Sculptor Rimantas Daugintis born in Baubliai village in 1944. In protest against the occupation of Lithuania he set himself on fire near USSR-Hungary border in 1990.Monument was unveiled in 2007. Sculptor Juozas Paulauskas. Address: Minijos str., BaubliaiCoordinates: 55.833804, 21.405008