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Kretingos rajono turizmo informacijos centras

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Vilniaus g. 2B, Kretinga
Tel. +370 445 73 102
Darbo laikas:
I- IV 8.00 iki 17.00
V 8.00 iki 15.45
(Pietų pertrauka nuo 12.00 iki 12.45)
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Kretinga district tourism information center

  • Monday, 09 June 2014 23:17
  • Written by



One of the oldest western cities of Lithuania, Kretinga is perfect for a short getaway from the seaside uproar. Kretinga’s landmarks are still unknown to many people, but travellers who discover them recommend visiting and admiring Kretinga Manor House and Park, making and tasting the candy of the manor, getting to know the daily life of the monks, finding out the secrets of Baltic traditions, making a little step out of the fast-paced world and meditating in the Japanese garden. And after all of that it is perfect to relax in an amber bath, which is the only one in the world and is set up in “Atostogų parkas” (further in Engl. “Holliday park”) just next to Kretinga. Peace of mind and your body’s relaxation is the best recipe for great health.

Kretinga district education center provides Tourism information center services. Tourism information center is settled in the new premises in the city center (Vilniaus str. 2B, Kretinga) and is available from 6th of June 2012. The tourism managers responsible for tourist information services are Rita Beržanskienė, Valdonė Žiobakienė and Modesta Genytė.
Here you can get detailed information about attractions, museums, cultural events, entertainments as well as information about companies providing accommodation and catering services in Kretinga city and district. You can also buy representative publications about Kretinga, souvenirs, maps ect.

Vilniaus str. 2B, Kretinga
Tel. +370 445 73102
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Working hours:

I-IV 8.00 - 17.00

V 8.00 - 15.45 

(lunch break 12:00 - 12:45)